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Current Research

China's Global Story-Telling: An Attempt at Soft Power 

As China’s economic and geopolitical reach has expanded globally, creating an attractive image has become an important objective for the Chinese state. While in past work, I focused on domestic story telling, in this project, I engage with China’s global story telling aimed at creating a captivating vision of China for international consumption. Specifically, this study seeks to distill the dominant narratives making up the China story, and to explain how this story is being constructed, communicated and received across regional and cultural contexts. By focusing on Chinese media practitioners, the book will illuminate how China’s brand making effort trickles down from Beijing to the grassroots levels, underscoring the challenges, frictions, but also opportunities for creative redefining of the China image at different sites.

From Economics to the Media: Propaganda Diffusion Experiment in China

This project, carried out in collaboration with Kecheng Fang at the University of Pennsylvania, examines a new experiment at works in China’s polity: that of media propaganda. Specifically, we look at the newly founded popular Shanghai-based media outlet, Pengpai, and how this outlet has served as a model for media officials and practitioners across China. Our study unpacks what Pengpai model entails, and which facets of this model have been adopted, theorizing about the facets of media experimentation under President Xi. The first version of the article is to be presented at the University of Pennsylvania Centre for Contemporary China on February 28, 2017

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